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Beth Houghton founded Bendy Berry Yoga in 2009 - a unique and playful introduction to yoga for kids.  She worked her way through several careers (film, tech. teaching, non-profit) before deciding on her final career of teaching yoga to kids. She loves bringing calmness, stillness and humor to both teaching and practicing yoga. Beth has been practicing yoga for 24 years.  She was certified to teach children's yoga by Karma Kids Yoga, based in New York City in 2009. Beth received her certification to teach adult yoga in 2011 by completing 200 hours of training through Yoga Alliance and Flying Yoga Shala under Laura Camp.


After a decade of teaching in Bay Area schools, and with the encouragement of her business partner, Beth decided to fulfill her dream and start the East Bay’s first yoga studio dedicated solely to teaching yoga to children. Yama Kids Yoga is the realization of that dream.  So few people can or get to do what they love for work and she knows what a gift this studio is, both to her, to Iman, and to the kids who will come do yoga in this special space.


Beth lives in Oakland with her two kids, her husband - her best teachers, and many pets. Maybe too many pets. Her family reminds her to breathe deeply and laugh regularly - supporting, teaching and humbling her every day.

Beth Houghton, Yama Kids Yoga, Bendy Berry Yoga, Berkeley, CA
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