• "Beth Houghton, has taught yoga at our preschool for eight years. She is creative and imaginative, introducing all the yoga basics in the most fun and magical ways. She not only manages a mixed age group of 2 years olds to 5 years olds, but always fully engages them! The kids move from sun salutations to savasana & the final namaste, and love everything in between as well. She brings in stories, games and even her own whimiscal songs.She helps them master new poses, practice mindfullness and silliness to become the youngest yogis."

       Carolyn, Owner, Director and Teacher at                                   Bloomers Preschool

  • "My favorite part of the class is savasana when Beth tells us stories, like about the ocean and trees. You have to close your eyes and imagine it in your head, and I feel happy.


        Hannah, Age 7

  • "Beth is the most fun, engaging yoga teacher I know. I wish I could take her classes! It's so amazing to see my 2 and 5 year old daughters learning new poses such as downward dog, singing and laughing, and resting peacefully in savasana. I am grateful to the Yama Kids Yoga curriculum for setting my kids up for a lifetime of honoring the deep the connection between the mind, the heart and the body. You're the best! "


       Marianne J. , Oakland Mom

  • "My child came home every week and taught us the new words and poses that she learned. She looks forward to the class every week."

        Mom of student, age 5

  • "My daughter loved this yoga class, especially the guided meditations."

        Mom of student, age 7

  • "Beth makes yoga fun, engaging and something that my 5 year old daughter looks forward to every week. I highly recommend Beth to get your children moving and in tune with their bodies!"


       Tiffany F., Oakland Mom