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Yama Kids Yoga, Yoga classes, camps, parties for kids in Berkeley, California


 Bringing calm, stillness, and confidence to kids of all ages. Quiet bodies, quiet minds.

Yama Kids Yoga is a child's introduction to yoga -  a mindful exercise class which teaches children the basics of yoga, including breathing, history, language, postures and meditation. Yama Kids Yoga is a way to share yoga with the youngest generation, in the hope that kids will take the important lessons of yoga with them throughout their lives. One of our tools for doing this is by teaching the five principles of yoga, or Yamas.

The Yama Kids Yoga curriculum is a child-centered introduction to yoga which respects this early yogic philosophy and tradition. We follow the natural rhythms of children's energy, but we guide and focus that energy into stillness, mindfulness and fun.

We use breath, poses and meditations to teach the beginning principles of yoga, but we also sing, play, breathe and yoga boogie.  We do this because we believe that working with a child's natural rhythm is the best way to teach kids to listen to their minds and bodies - something which all children must discover if they are to navigate this increasingly complex world.

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