Come celebrate with us! Yama Kids Yoga offers a fun alternative for children’s birthday parties. Parties are two hours long and include an approximately one-hour yoga session (sometimes a full hour can be a bit long for little ones),  and an additional hour of food, dancing, singing, cake, and fun. You're also welcome to do a craft for the party - whatever you like. 


Parents will need to bring all the party supplies and food, and are welcome to decorate our space before the event. We'll provide a big table, or two, and a few chairs.  If you have a theme, it might be possible to tailor a bit of our yoga program to fit nicely with your child’s favorite character or movie. 


Birthday parties are available at the following times:


  • Saturdays: 2 - 4 pm

  • Sundays: 11 - 1 pm and 2:30 - 4:30 pm

We do have some flexibility on timing, if you need to shift it a bit. 

Cost: The cost is $250 for ten children and $10 for each additional child. 

Deposit: One-half of the estimated cost of the party, payable when the reservation is confirmed. If you don't have the rsvp information, no worries.  We can just estimate the deposit, keeping it on the conservative side. 

Cancelation policy: Parties must be canceled two weeks before the event.  If inside the two-week window, deposit will be forfeit.  Sorry to be sticklers, but we may have to turn down other reservations in order to ensure that your party is great. 


Please email us at or call 650-520-1937 for more information and booking details.


YKY Bendy Birthdays are the best!



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